The Sand Pebble

Muggiez Universal Drink Handles


MUGGIEZ Universally Fit -> Everything -> Everybody ->Everyday   

MUGGIEZ aren't just fun, they're Fun-ctional

MUGGIEZ are made tough & built to last 


 MUGGIEZ Fun Facts:

-MUGGIEZ is the ultimate, fits everything, Universal drink handle

-each handmade MUGGIE is built tough in the USA

-flexible and Comfortable non-slip grip

-the high-grade ink we use is long lasting & has a high resistance to abrasions; it's also very durable & long chipping, no fading, no peeling


MUGGIEZ keep drinks colder longer; the extreme heat of your hand is contained to the handle so it doesn’t interfere with the temperature of your drinks anymore

​-MUGGIEZ are mildew resistant & will float if dropped in water

-fit in cup holders in your car, boat, golf cart, 4-wheeler, travel trailer, spaceship, etc

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